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Wow Service

We have excellent systems in place to provide step-by-step communication throughout the loan process from application to funding! It is our goal to provide WOW service to buyers and agents.

Best Loan Options

We go over all the options available for the client, so they can choose the best loan option for their family.

Buying Power Plan

If buyers are not ready to purchase or able to purchase just yet due to credit issues, funds needed for closing, or difficult timing, we give them the tools to help them move forward towards accomplishing their goals.

Loan options

In addition to the loan programs listed below, we consistently help clients who need Cash-Out Refinances, DPA’s (Down Payment Assistance Programs), 1st and 2nd mortgage combo loans, reverse mortgages, Non-Qualified Mortgages (where the buyers qualifies by means other than income), DSCR (Investor Cash Flow programs), loans for primary residences, 2nd homes or investment properties. Call us today to chat about your options!

Fixed or Adjustable Rate Loans
Fixed rate loans have a rate that doesn't change. Adjustable rate loans (ARM) usually start with a lower rate that could go up or down after a certain amount of time passes.
Conventional Loans
Conventional mortgage loans often offer a down payment option as low as 3%.
FHA Loans
FHA mortgage loans are government-backed and usually offer lower minimum credit scores and downpayments than a traditional conventional loan. They are popular with first-time home buyers.
VA Loans
VA mortgage loans offer home financing options of no downpayment, no mortgage insurance and lenient credit requirements for active-duty military, veterans and eligible surviving spouses.
USDA Loans
USDA loans offer 100% financing (no money down required) for qualified homebuyers in more rural areas of the country; these are government-backed loans.
JUMBO mortgage loans are loans for an amount that exceed the limits for conventional mortgage loans. High-value properties often require a JUMBO loan.

closing home loans with excellent service

With over 26 years in the mortgage industry, Wendy Cloud has the experience and knowledge to navigate through today’s challenging lending environment. She serves her clients with a professional, yet personalized, approach so they are sure to get the BEST loan options and client care possible.

She has detailed systems in place to ensure smooth and on-time closings without last minute surprises. Wendy is known for her excellent communication skills and outstanding customer service for her buyers, real estate agents and/or referral partners. She is a dedicated mother of 2 who enjoys volunteering in the community.

The Loan Process in 4 Easy Steps

1. Getting a Home Loan is Easy!

The first step in getting a home loan is loan approval. Getting pre-approved gives you the peace of mind to house hunt with confidence. Once you complete the online application, Encompass Lending Group will review your credit report and financial documents for pre-approval.

2. House Hunting is fun!

The second step is finding your dream home. Now that you are pre-approved, the loan process has started and the fun of searching for your new home can begin. Relax and enjoy looking for your new home.

3. We're here every step of the way!

The third step is the loan approval. Once you have found your dream home and the seller has accepted your offer, the loan process begins. An appraisal will be ordered and the loan will be submitted to underwriting. Once everything is approved, the loan will be prepped for closing.

4. Closing on your new home!

The fourth and final step is closing on your home. On the closing date, you will go to the title company and sign documents to finalize your home purchase. The celebration begins!

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